G.O.S.H  - girl rock band

G.O.S.H. – girl rock band

Anne Arrak – vocal
Hele-Riin Uib – drums
Elis Branno – bass
Liina Vokk – guitar

G.O.S.H. is a brand new 21st century power-pop band with an all-female line-up. Native audiences have already warmly welcomed the group, which has been active for a mere six months. Their first single “Blind Awake” was viewed on Youtube for a very impressive number of times in just a couple of days.

G.O.S.H. is much more than a usual girl band or mainstream rock combo — G.O.S.H. are an exciting and catchy blend of the theatric radio pop of the 1970s in the vein of Bonnie Tyler, the groundbreaking adult contemporary wave of the 1980s reminiscent of Roxette, and the glamorous pop stylings of the early 2000s. Their music incorporates dance rhythms, dynamic rock-guitar riffs and radio-friendly melodic hooks.

With their vehement energy, G.O.S.H. manage to floor both middle-aged as well as teenage crowds with an appreciation for quality music, convincing and spirited performances, and the musicians’ sincere dedication to their sonic craft.



ELU24 LIVE/ külas käis kuum ja rokkiv tüdrukutebänd G.O.S.H.

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