Merike Susi & Hele-Riin Uib (unplugged)

Merike Susi (vocals & piano) and Hele-Riin Uib (percussion)
These two musicians are very strong improvisators and they just love to make music in this very moment and let everything else go. Actually, being in the moment means being mindfully aware of what is going on right here and now, in our experience, and this includes any thinking we do about the past or future.

The repertoire includes well known popular dance music hits from Annie Lennox, Sting, to name just few and as well her own original songs.

2014 was released the debut album “Üksi Üksolemises” by Merike Susi.
The recording took place in the Netherlands. Album is produced by George Konings. Merike has been collaborated with many the very best of Estonian musicians and with a lot of musicians from all over the world.