Estonian famous percussionist

Hele-Riin Uib-Pachel

Hele-Riin is one of the most attractive female percussionists whose music-making unites professionalism, punctuality, swift beat and extraordinary power. She has often been called “a rough diamond”, “an energy bomb”.

She's well known from the band "2 QUICK START", also many remember her from the Estonian first female rock band "BLACKY".

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percussion show

A spectacular drum show spiced up with energy and special effects. Possible to play along with DJ

Muteki TAIKO act

Japanese drum performance. Various formats: solo act, duo, trio. Featuring flute artist Mizuki Shindo from Japan. Possible to spice it up with LED sticks.


Choose a time and place. Bring your friends and learn to play these mysterios Japanese taiko drums with a sacred history. 

Meditation Circle

Let the sound of an ancient taiko drums control your thoughts, anxiety... Listen different sounds of percussion world - gongs, cymbals, finger steel drums, tinksas, bells, vibraphone and let your mind go free. Just rest and let the sounds of nature carry you through the land of drums.


About Me

Hele-Riin Uib-Pachel was born in Estonia. Since early childhood the little girl was surrounded by drums; through her step-father she had a close contact with playing as well as making percussion instruments. It so happened that at the age of 13 Hele-Riin started an independent life, though this did not hamper her studies of percussions at the Tallinn Georg Ots Music School. In 2004, she graduated from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre with BA and in 2007 with MA. In the course of 2004–2009 Hele-Riin studied percussions also at the Helsinki Metropolia University, though unlike at the Estonian Academy of Music she concentrated here on jazz (vibraphone) and ethnic (Africa, Cuba, Brazil) percussion instruments.

In 2010, she studied the art of taiko in Japan under the supervision by Emiko Taba. Since then Hele-Riin has given many concerts under the name Muteki Taiko and has formed also Muteki TAIKO duo with featuring artists. 
In 2001–2004, she was a percussion player at the Estonian National Opera Symphony Orchestra. Also, Hele-Riin has been guest-artist with Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Estonian Piano Orchestra, Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta and NYYD Ensemble. However, she enjoys most playing in duos where the small staff offers more improvisation and creative approach to music. In 2013 she created show percussion duo Drumattack with Laura Välja.

In 2014 she formed a girl rock band G.O.S.H., debut album Roller Coaster was released in 2015.

Hele-Riin says that rhythm is the heart of music. It seems that this heart beats in a cruel rhythm and quick tempo because in her schedule there are hardly any days off. The afore-mentioned qualities have made her a highly sought-after musician and concert tours have taken her to many countries as well as made her a frequent guest in recording studios.

Hele-Riin has been teaching drums for over 20 years, she's currently a drum teacher at Rocca al Mare music school.

Japanese origin taiko drums have finally found their way to Estonia

MUTEKI TAIKO trummikool

Taiko on kombinatsioon spordist ja muusikast, seega võib trummiringi kutsuda lausa trummitrenniks, sest trummipulgad on suured -- sama jämedad kui harjavarred. Trummimängu kõrval on tähtis ka Jaapani taikotrummide mängustiilile omane koreograafia. Tunni läbiviimise tempo on hoogne. Suur rõhk lasub koosmängul, samuti improvisatsioonil. Grupitunnid (8-10 mängijat) toimuvad nii lastele kui ka täiskasvanutele.

asukoht ja kellaajad

Tunnid toimuvad esmaspäeviti Rocca al Mare kooli aulas:
kell 16.30-17.00 lapsed
kell 17.00-17.45 lapsed/täiskasvanud
kell 17.45-18.30 täiskasvanud
Kord kuus pühapäeviti toimuvad tunnid ka Võrumaal,
Puiga Lasteaias.
kell 11.15-12.00 lapsed
kell 12.00-13.00 täiskasvanud


1.-4. klassi õpilased 15 € kord / 60 € kuu (tunni kestus 30 min)
5.-9. klassi õpilased 25 € kord / 80 € kuu (tunni kestus 45 min)
10.-12. klassi õpilased ja täiskasvanud 35 € kord / 100 € kuu (tunni kestus 45 min)

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